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The program of study at Stance Dual School in Information and Communication Technologies acknowledges the competencies valued in ICT around the world. The syllabus has been mapped against national standards in a number of countries, so that the skills assessed reflect the performance standards demanded in an international context.

This web site from the ICT Department has two main functions:

The first objective of this web site is to not only illuminate the principles that guide our strategies when planning projects but to also showcase a selection of student work that fits those categories.

The second objective is for this site to be a school social network. Our students from Years 7-9 will use this platform as a tool to display their work produced in conjunction with ICT and their Science, Language and Social Studies classes.

Within this independent platform students sign up and register an account. They can choose their own blog template and customize it to their own taste. On their blog they will upload posts and projects created in class. They can also communicate through their account with each other and their teachers.

In the past students would need to sign up to one of the mainstream blogs on the internet, be it or This was never ideal as, being a school we would always desire full control over copyright and proprietary information as well as all the issues surrounding safety when communicating on-line. Only by creating and hosting our own social network could we address this.

We hope you take time to look through the site and maybe, post a comment.