Year 7 Webzine 2010

February 2, 2012 in Web Sites by Staff

Stance Teen Webzine 2010

  • Work and Consumption
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  • The social activity of Grade 6/Year 7  was organizing an online magazine or “webzine” for teens.

During the process a wide array of models was analyzed, in both digital and printed format, although the primary focus has always been on magazines whose target audience is adolescents. Once the students were well-acquainted with the publications in question, they went on to examine in depth three related genres, namely feature articles, advice columns and public service announcements, all of which are found on the Stance Teen Webzine, fruit  of the students’ effort and commitment.  Finally, it should be pointed out that most of the work produced has the underlying aim of motivating readers to reflect and take action, that is, to think globally and act locally. In other words,