Year 8: Interior Design Firm

March 22, 2012 in Presentation by Staff

This project for Year 8 is an introduction to interior design.

Students develop various skills and use a wide range of softwares to complete the learning objectives.

The social activity revolves around students creating their own design firm.  They will consult with clients to design a room specifically tailored to the client’s wishes.  They will present a design proposal/presentation at the end.  Each student is required to submit the following:

Creative Name for Design Firm
Design Firm Logo
Business card for each member
Letterhead with logo for all work
List of questions to ask client (at least 10)
Before pictures of area or room (3-5)
Sketch of proposed design
Style boards and sample pictures of accessories or needed materials
Detailed Floor plan to scale
Detailed 3D Elevation from the floor plan.
PowerPoint Presentation: All work assembled with presentation notes.
Summary:  What worked well, what didn’t, easiest tasks, hardest tasks, overall experience of the project (1 page at least)

This is a great project for giving students a real look into the field of being an interior designer.  To complete these projects students will redesign a room such as a bedroom, computer room, desk area, or garden, etc.  Once completed they will present their plans to the class.

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