Teen Webzine 2012: Open Windows, Open Minds

October 10, 2012 in Web Sites by Staff


Stance School Year 7 Teen Webzine 2012

  • Open Windows, Open Minds
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The aim of this work was, in the context of a teen webzine, to have students expressing themselves through various topics that were related to their curiosities and values while thinking about the overarching theme of the Cultural Fair 2012 – Stance: ‘For every window, new wisdom! The window is the same, and the view, is it different?

In doing so and having the theme in mind, students went on to examine in depth genres found in teen magazines and wrote down their own texts so that they could encourage the reader to reflect upon various issues regarding everyday life, but especially the ones concerning modern slavery.

In this sense, it should be pointed out that all the writing productions of students were the result of their effort as well as commitment. Moreover, students were able to catch a glimpse of what was beyond our community’s windows, hence, inviting everyone else to share different points of view! In other words, we simply need to open windows in order to open our own minds!