Year 7 Webzine 2013: Put the ? in your Life

September 5, 2013 in Web Sites by Staff


Stance School Year 7 Teen Webzine 2013

  • Put the question into your life.
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The objective of this work was, in the context of a youth online magazine, to give students the opportunity to express themselves on topics related to their values ​​as they reflected on the theme of Cultural Stance Fair 2013: Questions! 

 In the Language Classstudents looked at different genres found in teen magazines. Then produced their own texts to encourage the reader to reflect on many everyday problems, especially with regard to modern slavery.

In Social Studies, students wrote a series of persuasive letters addressed to large companies, asking them to ensure the non existence of slave labor at any stage of the manufacturing process. This was done as an act of engagement, the result of an online interview with a member of the NGO Anti-Slavery International, in the UK.

With regard to work in Science, students participated in discussions about positive and negative aspects of conventional medicines produced by pharmaceutical companies, and alternative remedies containing herbs. The contents of these discussions were recorded and are available in the Webzine in the format of Podcasts .

In ICT, students were introduced to the genre of Webzine by engaging in activities that explored the concepts of Web 2.0 networks. Students were required to become content creators, using various software’s specific to the area briefs. This ICT project is all about constructing meaning within a multi-linguistic environment. It addresses issues concerning multi-modality in the 21st century learner environment, with regard to content creation whose total meaning is constructed out of combinations of text, layout, graphics, video, animation and sound.