Stance Dual School Teen Webzine 2017

August 31, 2018 in Web Sites by Staff


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The objective of this work was, in the context of an online youth magazine, was to give students the opportunity to express their interests and values enjoying the theme Stance Cultural Fair 2017: ONLY KNOW SO (Ariano Suassuna paraphrasing) …

In Language classes, students critically analyze texts from different genres found in teen magazines. Then produced their own texts to encourage the reader to reflect on many everyday problems, especially with regard to modern slavery.

Assuming the role of interior designer in ICT, the students developed the floor plan of their own rooms, making use of the work done by calculating areas in Maths in the 1st quarter. Drawings were converted into 2D Elevations to scale after first, having created an interior design business.

Also in ICT students created and uploaded their content to the 2.0 web interface. The objective here was to address issues related to multi-modality in the learning environment of the 21st century, with regards to content creation. The transfer of knowledge is constructed from combinations of text, layout, graphics, video, animation and sound. According to this goal, students were introduced to the genre Webzine by engaging in activities that explore the concepts of Web 2.0 networks. Students to become creators of content, using various softwares specific to the demand of the different areas. Students published in their blog articles, advice columns, letters, poems and biographies. They learned how to make animated gifs, with the intent to graphically illustrate your articles.