Presentation is the process of presenting a topic to an audience.

The traditional way of presenting information to people was to stand at the front of a room armed with a set of notes or prompt cards and to speak clearly and slowly.

With the development of presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Lotus Freelance around the mid 1980s, it quickly became the ‘norm’ to use a presentation show to illustrate the presentation content.

Many people make use of presentation software to support them when they have to give a presentation to others. Here are a few examples:

Sales people often have to give presentations to customers, clients or managers. They need to be able to present facts and figures perhaps to let managers know sales performances or perhaps to show customers their latest products.Most medium to large sized companies have a human resource department who will be involved in training new employees or providing training schemes for existing employees. Teachers often use presentations so that students have a concise set of notes to copy from the board. At Stance Students are also regularly asked to create presentations about a topic they have been studying. They may be asked to show their presentations to the rest of the class.

Although there are various software applications available to create presentations, we focus on PowerPoint since this is the software the majority of people are familiar with.

We start teaching basic PowerPoint in Year3/Grade2. Every year we build upon previous knowledge, integrating core ICT content with their language classes. For example in Year6/Grade5, students use the advanced picture tools in PowerPoint to merge, crop and recolor images to enhance their presentations. As part of their intensive instruction students researched information and then use it to create a quiz making use of the hyper-linking functions that the program has. Understanding this procedure and the idea of linking to documents in a non-linear fashion will be called upon later when students will be introduced to web design.

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