In the middle school students are introduced to video editing and animation software.  The aim is to demonstrate to pupils that both animation and video can be produced, edited and applied with the aid of computer software and hardware. Students will create a finished animation and a piece of film with a specific audience in mind. They should demonstrate a working understanding of the concepts and interface of a video and graphics editing package.  They will understand the key stages in editing and stop frame animation, choosing the correct output format, frame rates, movie size and codec’s. They will also import movie clips, graphics and sound to a timeline. Add transitions, effects and fades. Add titles and stills. To conclude the media creating process, students will export the final product using the correct compression rates and file formats.

Below you will find the link to where, in the future, completed projects will be posted.

In the meantime have a look at these short films that were created for the final year students graduation ceremony. These films are played at the start of the proceedings to get everyone in the mood.

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