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In Year 6 students are introduced to web page design.  They learn how to create a simple series of connected web pages, incorporating links to other pages and to other websites, creating some basic navigation through their pages. They are able to select and arrange images and text on the pages so that they are appropriate to a particular audience and give the content some simple organization.  They understand the basics of HTML coding.  The aim is that the students begin to understand some of the differences between web pages and other documents and start to think how to present content in a suitable way.

Moving on from this, in years 7-9 Students create collective as well as individual 2.0 web interfaces. These are not just blogs but fully rounded interactive web experiences that have been built to address the needs of a particular audience.

Students are required to understand the purpose of content management systems. Illustrate awareness of the difference between static and dynamic web sites. Sign onto, format and publish various different types of media into a 2.0 Web Site. They learn how to create a personal blog with a particular target audience in mind. They sign up to an appropriate blogging tool which is now, for the first time, part of this new ICT Department web experience. Students are shown how to create an avatar and upload information previously created and make use of a variety of Web Tools.

Students will feel confident in their ability to select, interact with and display content within a content management system and to use the blog as a form of electronic interactive communication system embedded in a pedagogical project originating from one of the other school departments.

CLICK THIS LINK to see the students web sites.

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