Introducing ICT

February 23, 2012 in Introducing ICT by Staff

ICT at Stance Dual School is formally introduced at Year 1. This Key stage one is referred to as presentation, and is designed for student years 1- 6. Students will learn to use equipment and develop knowledge of ICT as well as communicate and handle information. The brands of software are not at issue here as many different companies are producing similar packages. Most students will be familiar with Microsoft Office, but there are a lot of good applications that can be used for free.

In the early years the basics of computers and use of tools and techniques are taught – operating a computer, storing, retrieving and managing data, using a computer to achieve Word and data processing tasks; connect, disconnect and troubleshoot, storage, input and output devices. Connecting to the internet, using e­mail and web surfing, using search engines, keeping the computer updated and virus free, operating and managing content from external devices (sound recorders, digital cameras, scanners etc.); connect, disconnect, operate and troubleshoot digital devices. Students are taught to use a range of ICT equipment and software efficiently to create good quality presentations for particular audiences, integrating information from several sources.  Students should be systematic in their use of appropriate search methods to obtain accurate and relevant information from a range of sources. Collect and amend quantitative and qualitative information for a particular purpose, and enter into a data-handling package for processing and analysis. Interpret, analyze and display information, checking its accuracy and questioning its plausibility.