Advanced Spreadsheet Modeling

November 5, 2013 in Programming by Staff

This activity is a good example of embedding ICT into projects from other departmental areas with the objective of enhancing the learning for language, social studies and ICT.

In social studies students are given 19 well known brands to research so they can find out if theses companies follow socially acceptable standards with regards staff and materials. Students also conduct real time interviews with professionals from the UK who deal with child slavery and human rights.

In ICT the demand is for students to use the Logical Test Functions as well as other formula to format and test working spreadsheet.

Students start by downloading the brand logo. They then import into Photoshop and remove the name only. They import the altered graphic into Excel and create a table to include the brand, a space where the player may right the name of the brand, a space for the logical test to show, a space for the player to answer if it is socially responsible or not and finally two spaces for an answer plus explanation.

At the bottom of the sheet is a counter to let the player know how many answers are right or wrong.

Below you will find links to a couple of games completed by students this year. Please feel free to download them and play the games yourselves.

Download (XLSX, Unknown)

Download (XLSX, Unknown)

Download (XLSX, Unknown)